It was a pleasure having Mark at our wedding.

Gabriella and Ervin wedding City Hall Belfast

Mark is a very talented and experienced photographer. It was a pleasure having him at our wedding. His photos are not just perfect in quality but always capture the important moments as well. Definitely recommended to anyone who wants to have a remarkable event to be recorded the best possible way.

Thank you Mark!

Gabriella Kósa

Wedding photographs

Mark is excellent at his job and knows what he is doing. I trusted him 100% to do my wedding photographs the way I would want them. He is very easy-going and patient. He was keen to learn early on before the run up to the wedding what we wanted. There was no fuss on the day and everything went as planned...to be a relaxing laid back day! We wanted "real moment" pics which we feel Mark achieved! He is well-known to the family which was even better for us, however I would expect (knowing Mark) he would make everyone feel as comfortable as we felt!
Thank you Mark 😃

Emma Jordan-Maginess

We can not speak highly enough about Mark

We can not speak highly enough about Mark and the way he worked on our wedding day. He had great ideas for photos and also asked us for our ideas on what we wanted done. This finished album has been commented on by everyone that has seen it. The quality and standard of the album and photos is superb. Thanks again Mark for giving us a superb album that will allow us to remember our big day for many years to come .

John & Claire Cairns

Testimonial of a 'Camera-Phobe'

From the beginning of our engagement, my now-husband and I agreed we did not want a photographer for our August 2014 wedding. This was in large part due to my awkwardness in formal photography situations! In the weeks leading up to the day however, we began to rethink, and looked into the possibility of booking a professional photographer.

Mark worked to put me at ease from our first meeting. He developed a bespoke package with us to suit our budget and talked about what type of photos we would like to represent our day. He had practical suggestions to help me feel more comfortable in front of the camera and on how to take pictures outside without ruining my dress. The engagement shoot we had on his suggestion really helped get rid of some of my nerves and see what lovely pictures we could have.

Despite all this I was still pleasantly surprised at how many beautiful photos we have. They surpassed all our expectations! Mark captured our guests looking relaxed and happy, particularly my Granny who I wasn't sure would make the wedding because of her poor health.

Although we thought we remembered everything from the day, there were lots of bits we had forgotten about that Mark captured, and it was lovely remembering all over again.

We both really love the photos and are so glad we decided to book Mark. We highly recommend him to any couple planing their wedding, even those who hate cameras!

Méabh, Derry

Meabh Mackel-Timoney